Baby Steps…

Hey everyone! My name is Jesse, I’m 18 years old and hail from the Sutherland Shire.

In all honesty, I am totally new to the whole blogging and tweeting thing but as daunting as it seems I’m pretty excited to give it a shot.

Being an introduction, i’ll tell you guys a little about myself.

So, I’m just starting my first year at UOW and influenced by my massive interest in television, social media, radio and all that jazz, the decision to study a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies  was pretty easy. With so many friends singing, playing instruments and making me feel generally terrible about my lack of musical talent, music has always been a massive interest of mine. Despite being anti-social with both headphones grafted to my ears at all times, I do genuinely enjoy talking to people so don’t be afraid to say hey. I’m big fan of video games, and an even larger one of cars (the effects of having a gear head father) and am constantly at the beach.

I’m very eager to explore this degree, meet new people and to have a great uni experience so fingers crossed all goes well!


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