“Sha-Zam!”- Music Info at Your Fingertips

If you guys are anything like me there is nothing more irritating, annoying and painstakingly frustrating than stumbling across a terrific song and being left in the dark to its name and artist. With countless arguments, wild gestures and broken friendships over the repeated question “who sings that song?”  I’ve found myself constantly repeating the phrase “shut up for a second, I’m trying to Shazam this”

With music culture integral to modern society, the Shazam app provides a much needed service for both consumers and composers. The simple “touch to Shazam” function allows users to analyse a track, then providing the listener with real-time info on the song and the artist (extremely useful when listening to the Hottest 100 this year)

Since its creation in 2002, Shazam has exponentially grown, moving to a variety of platforms (iPhone, IPad, Android, Nokia, You name it) and adopting the notions of convergence as defined by Henry Jenkins in “Worship at the Altar of Convergence” . The app now provides links to various social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube, purchase information for tracks, tour dates for artists and recommendations based on Shazamed songs referred to as tags, therefore allowing the “Flow of content across multiple media platforms”

The app is however somewhat hindered. The excitement and anticipation of “finally finding out what that song is called” can be wasted as not all artists are within the Shazam database.  It may be possible for Shazam to continue in its services through advertising. Many companies are including “Shazam” tags within commercials to direct the audience to bonus content and this could be further developed to direct users to product information (where to buy the product, pricing etc.)


Jenkins, H. (2006). “Worship at the altar of convergence”: A new paradigm for understanding media change. In H. Jenkins, Convergence culture: Where old and new media collide (pp 1-24). New York: New York University Press. http://www.nyupress.org/webchapters/0814742815intro.pdf

Shazam logo :http://www.shazam.com/

Commercial:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hny-G-0nUBM


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