Internet Warfare- Combatting Keyboard Warriors

Through the proliferation of social media sites a simultaneous increase of anonymity and disclosure of personal information has resulted. This in turn has created a delicate network prone to abuse. Where most users act appropriately there are however specific individuals mistreating this online secrecy. ‘Keyboard Warriors’ is a term gifted to these internet trolls, essentially… Read More Internet Warfare- Combatting Keyboard Warriors

Hardcore Politics

As discussed by Cathy J. Cohen and Joseph Kahne, participatory politics involve “interactive, peerbased acts through which individuals and groups seek to exert both voice and influence on issues of public concern.”  (Jenkins, 2012) This new form of social and political interaction represents a shift from traditional forms of activism towards that of a modern era.… Read More Hardcore Politics

Punk Goes Remix

Remix culture refers to the adaptation of intellectual property  in order to draw new meaning from the work. The term ‘remix’, originally associated with music culture still exists majorly within the medium; mashups, covers and cutups each act as a form of rehash contributing to music cultures and genres. Andrew Whelan(2014) presents that remixes involve… Read More Punk Goes Remix

A March Across Mediums- Shazam and Transmedia Narratives

“Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience”- Jenkins (2007) Henry Jenkins describes Transmedia narratives as the transfer of a single story across multiple channels, each providing an individual contribution. In a utilisation of multiple… Read More A March Across Mediums- Shazam and Transmedia Narratives

Produsage and Shazam

Within his 2007 paper “Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation”, Axel Bruns (2007)  introducers the concepts of Produsage as “the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement”. Bruns further elaborates on this notion through the four key characteristics of produsage: 1)      Organisational shift (movement from teams or… Read More Produsage and Shazam

Audiences Can live Without Shazam, but Shazam Can’t live Without an Audience

Of course the primary focus of any media platform or device would be the relationship with its audience and how the user can interact with the product. The beauty of Shazam is in its primary purpose, connecting audiences to information regarding the global powerhouse that is the music medium. Shazam has over “420 million users… Read More Audiences Can live Without Shazam, but Shazam Can’t live Without an Audience

Techno Tensions- Shazam’s Response to Changing Ideologies

“Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences”(Jenkins, 2004, pages 33-43) Discussed by Henry Jenkin’s, the current position of society in its media transition is relatively unstable. Technologies such as Shazam are in a constant state of limbo, fighting to remain relevant in a media filled environment. This instability has of… Read More Techno Tensions- Shazam’s Response to Changing Ideologies

“Sha-Zam!”- Music Info at Your Fingertips

If you guys are anything like me there is nothing more irritating, annoying and painstakingly frustrating than stumbling across a terrific song and being left in the dark to its name and artist. With countless arguments, wild gestures and broken friendships over the repeated question “who sings that song?”  I’ve found myself constantly repeating the… Read More “Sha-Zam!”- Music Info at Your Fingertips